Sunday, June 17, 2007

Omelette flipping blogging

I have an omellette cooking that is a nice thick four egg disc in about a 9 inch diameter pan. I have used a lot of oil, so I am not anticipating stickage. I want to turn it over before I add the filling, because I dont want salmonella. Should I turn it upside down into a pan-lid, slide it onto a pan lid and then attempt to flip the lid over, or just pull it up with a spatula. The filling is going to be vegetarian chili and cheese.

I will do whatever the consensus of the comments is, but to make sure its a good representative sample, I will wait until I have a few hundred comments. Hurry guys, I smell some scorching!


Its been more than an hour you guys! Is someone backchanneling all the commenters to prevent them from commenting on this, as a joke? Touche, you pranksters, you got me good this time. But seriously, its getting really burned! How should I flip it?


Ok, guys, a joke's a joke and all, but now I have to go to bed, and if I leave the pan on, there's a real fire hazard here! I had to disable the smoke detectors hours ago.


God what an awful night, I got up fourteen times to put out grease fires. Seems like everytime I got up, half the wall had burned again. I waived at the neighbors through the wall (it seemed so much thicker before half of it burned away). Jeez Louise, tell me how to flip the fucking omelette already.


ohhhh.... I get it, the omelette has been cooking for several days and burning down large sections of the wall, bringing down chunks of debris into the pan, so you just don't know what strategy would be most effective. You are confused about the texture of the omelette, so you aren't sure what the best answer is. Right.
Ok, its, uh, uh, well, completely black, even on the top side, although that might be the debris. The aromatic burned egg smell has sort of turned into a four eggs left out for several days smell. I would say its completely congealed, and surprisely unfastened to the bottom of the pan. Also its covered in some fire extinguisher material, which might not cook so well if it were flipped over.

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