Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why my hands smell funny II

I was just chopping garlic, making vegetarian sloppy joes (sloppies joe). I kind of like the smell of garlic on my hands days later. Others hate it, and are all, gross my hands smell funny. Not me. I kind of dig it, and will revel in it. I also like the smell of gasoline. And skunks. No shit. Skunks. That deep acrid. Its everything a waft of tobacco smoke should have been, only less bitter, and cancerous. Surely this is a genetic mutation, no? Is there any other possible explanation for why one would like skunks? I bet its adaptive, like enjoying the taste of a hot pepper, so you can enjoy its nutrients. Maybe my children will be able to draw nutrients from skunks.

Right, so the ingredients:
1/2 an onion, chopped but not minced
1 head of garlic. (Or one clove. Fine. Whatever. Baby)
1 tomato, chopped well beyond tomatoeyness, into a juicy oblivion
That hot pepper we've been having so many laughs about
Vegetarian ground beef (soy)
Jerk pepper
Chili pepper
Tomato paste

Surely you can figure out the rest.

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