Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Edwards -- Am I seeing what I want to see...

or is he prepared to use force according metrics that transcend national self-interest?
Edwards today proposed the creation of a ten thousand person military reserve "to stabilize troubled nations" and for "humanitarian purposes."
The striking thing about American military policy since the end of the Cold War has been its steadfast insistence on ignoring the world's ghastliest, most widespread massacres. Congo: 3-4 million; Sudan: 180,000 at least; Rwanda: pushing a million. Yugoslavia is the exception, but only after an absurd parade of identical cease fires sopped the international conscience while Serbian troops and militias raped their way through the federation.
There is a real question as to whether a 10,000 reserve "stabilization force" could do much for any of these expansive geographic traumas after genocidal civil war has begun in earnest. But such a force might have real preventive value, if only as a kicker for multi-lateral interventionist forces.
It would be enough for me if the proposal showed only that the value of a human life -- and the evil that accompanies a rape or murder -- does not depend on its country of origin.
It would almost be enough to ignore his vote to precipitate the impending series of massacres in Iraq.
Almost, motherfucker.

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